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COMET C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy)

Alan MacRobert, on 8 January 2015 in Sky and Telescope, said:  "... Comet Lovejoy ... December 27 ...[2014]...

... January 5 ...[2015]... Orion rising, with Comet Lovejoy as the fuzzy green spot at the upper right ...

... On January 7th the comet passed closest by Earth, at a distance of 0.47 a.u. ...
perihelion (its closest to the Sun) ...[is]... January 30th (at a rather distant 1.29 a.u. from the Sun) ...
the comet will continue north ... passing very close by Polaris late ... May [2015]...
On the way in, its path showed an orbital period of roughly 11,500 years.
Slight perturbations by the planets during this apparition will alter the orbit a bit,
so that the comet will next return in about 8,000 years ...".

11,500 years ago
marked the beginning of the Rule of Mortal Humans on Earth according to Manetho (Egyptian historian).
It was the time of the Younger Dryas cold snap, with temperatures 14 degrees C below present-day,
after which the Vela X supernova was seen on Earth and the Taurid/Encke comet fragmented,
and a very sudden (50 years or so) warming event ended the Ice Age, flooding productive low lands
such as those shown in red in this map from The Times Atlas of World History

Prior to 11,500 years ago, as Terence McKenna said, "...  there was a kind of human paradise on Earth. ...
Nobody went more than three or four weeks before they were redissolved into pure feeling and boundary dissolution. Community, loyalty, altruism, self-sacrifice -- all these values that we take to be the basis of humanness -- arose at the time in a situation in which the ego was absent ...
[After 11,500 years ago] For 10,000 years, with the language and social skills of angels,
we've pursued an agenda of beasts and demons ... all tooth-and-claw dominance ...
If history goes off endlessly into the future, it will be about scarcity, preservation of privilege,
forced control of populations, the ever-more-sophisticated use of ideology to enchain and delude people ...".

May 2015
As Terence McKenna said, "... We are at the breakpoint. It's like when a woman comes to term.
At a certain point, if the child is not severed from the mother and launched into its own separate existence, toxemia will set in and create a huge medical crisis. ...
All evolution has pushed for this moment, and there is no going back.
What lies ahead is a dimension of such freedom and transcendence, that once in place,
the idea of returning to the womb will be preposterous. ...".
Some breakpoint phenomena that are emerging in the time of 2015 Comet Q2:

Experiments to explore and develop TSC Jitterbug Palladium-Deuterium Zeolite Fusion
( viXra 1209.0007 )

LHC 13 TeV Run to test predictions of Cl(16)-E8 Physics such as 3 Higgs mass states
( viXra 1405.0030 )

Wall Street Banking War with Russia/China
( viXra 1403.0035 )

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