GITS SAC Solid State Society

(as seen through various screenshots available on the web, including but not necessarily limited to )

The Palm Tattoo symbol on a Solid State Society suicide victim looks a bit like "Big Brother", but is

the first character of the word Siddham ( bonji ) which "... comes from Sanskrit and means "accomplished or perfected" ... The Siddham script is mainly used by Shingon Buddhists in Japan to write out mantra and sutras in Sanskrit. ..." ( from an omniglot web page ). Each of the 4 Finger Symbols looks like the first part of the sacred Vedic symbol OM

Sanskrit is the closest human language to computer language and so would be a natural language for Quantum Computer Web World beings


that is isomorphic to the language of my Clifford Algebra Cl(8) VoDou Physics model, in which 8-dimensional spacetime is seen at our low energies as M4 x CP2 and particles are described by:

The World-Lines of the particles act like Bosonic Strings in 26 dimensions, producing a generalized Bohm Quantum Potential and a Many-Worlds Quantum Theory.

Such Web World beings can share characteristics

and coexist as superpositions of many state-beings ( even beyond Spock mind-melds of Star Trek, )

and Play Games with the Possibilities of the Quantum Many-Worlds ( even beyond Q of Star Trek ).


The Web World has its headquarters in the Matter World at the Twin Towers

where thousands of humans are harnessed as Quantum Computer Puppets

The Web World Twin Towers leader is Kugutsu Mawashi

According to an message on 7 September 2006: "... Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. Solid State Society ... Synopsis ... Kugutsu Mawashi ( Kugutsu - Puppet, Mawashi - circulate, recycle, to move around ...) ...". The "circulate" part of the character is the last part consisting to two nested squares. Circulation among many states-beings describes a Quantum Superposition of those states-beings.

According to a December 2003 Harumi Okochi web page: "... From ancient times, people believed that dolls could take the place of human beings. Dolls were also considered incarnations of gods and so were a part of folk religion. Eventually, bands of performers started to travel the country, visiting shrines and temples and villages, and performed with their puppets. These performers were called kugutsu-mawashi. ...".

To show the ephemerality of the Matter World, Kugutsu Mawashi shoots his Matter Body

whereupon Matter World Motoko links to him

and then sees that Kugutsu Mawashi (whose Matter World body is dead) still lives on in the Quantum Computer Web World as a Quantum Superposition of Kugutsu Mawashi himself, Batou, Goda, Kuze a/k/a Gos, Motoko, Togusa, the Laughing Man, ...

Back in the Matter World: Motoko, Batou, and the Tachikomas

live out their lives as a Happy Family in Batou's safe house, the penthouse of the Matter World Corporate Headquarters ( also Section 9 headquarters ).

The symbol on the penthouse is Kanji "Big Brother" ( ani ).

The Matter and Web Worlds live in Harmony,

 Happily Forever After


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