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To calculate the t-quark constituent mass, let the First Generation Fermions correspond to octonions { 1, i, j, k, e, ie, je, ke } as follows:

and let the Third Generation Fermions correspond to the 8^3 = 512 triples of octonions as follows:

1 (1,1,1) - tau neutrino (1,1,e) (1,e,1) (e,1,1) 7 (e,e,1) (e,1,e) (1,e,e) - tauon (e,e,e)   triples containing either 21 ie or je or ke, alone, - rgb beauty along with e and/or i, quarks but not containing i, j, or k   483 triples containing i, j, and/or k, - rgb truth or mixtures of ie, je, ke quarks


Then, if the tree level constituent mass mb = 5.6 GeV:

mt = (483/21) mb = 130 GeV.

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