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5. Higgs Mechanism from a Spin(4) Gauge Group and Dimensional Reduction of Spacetime from 8 to 4.

5.1. Gauge Boson part of the Lagrangian and Higgs Scalar Mass.

5.2. Spinor Fermion part of the Lagrangian.

5.3. Parity Violation, Weak Boson Masses, and the Weinberg Angle.

5.4. Renormalization of the Higgs mass.


[ In 1998, after reading quant-ph/9806009 by Guang-jiong Ni, I realized that I made some errors in my 1992 calculation of the Higgs Vacuum Expectation Value and the Higgs mass, and I now calculate the Higgs Vacuum Expectation Value as about 260 GeV and the Higgs mass as about 145 GeV. However, I don't think that the general geometric/structural ideas were incorrect. ]


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