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1. Introduction.

2. The Exceptional Lie Algebra F4, Physics in 8 Dimensions, and Reduction to 4 Dimensions.

3. Force Strengths from Gauge Group Coset Space Volumes.

4. Einstein Gravity from a Spin(5) Gauge Group.

5. Higgs Mechanism from a Spin(4) Gauge Group and Dimensional Reduction of Spacetime from 8 to 4.

6. Fermion Masses from the F4 Model.

7. Kobayashi-Maskawa parameters from Fermion Masses.

8. Solar Neutrinos, Neutrino Masses, and Kobayashi-Maskawa Parameters.

9. Conclusions.

APPENDIX 1: Pregeometry and F4.

APPENDIX 2: The Spin(8) Clifford Algebra.

APPENDIX 3: E8 and D4 Lattices and the Feynman Checkerboard.

APPENDIX 4: Bound States of Fermions.




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