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Seymour's Choice

( adapted from Watchmen, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, DC Comics 1986, 1987 )

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Rorschach ( Walter Joseph Kovacs ) -

It is November 2, 1985, and Jon has just disintegrated me

by subtracting my Intrinsic Field, thus dissolving my material structure using high-energy Particle Interactions and Equilibrium Quantum Born Rule Processes.

However, the high energy of Jon's action puts my disintegrated self into the energy realm of our high-energy unified 8-dimensional spacetime of E8 physics, in which

my experience of Quantum Consciousness Resonant Connections with

my NanoFabric Rohrschach Fabric Face,

like Jon's experience with


gives me the ability to reconstruct myself by interacting with the Many Fates of the Many-Worlds:

In E8 physics, each vertex of any given E8 Lattice has 240 nearest neighbors. However, there exist 7 inequivalent E8 lattices, and each and every one of the 7 is equally related to our 4-dimensional Physical Spacetime, so our 8-dimensional spacetime is really a Superposition of all 7 E8 lattices. Since it is a Superposition, it can carry information ( such as my structure as Rohrschach ) by "tagging" each 4-dimensional Physical Spacetime vertex with one, or a combination, of the 7 inequivalent E8 lattices, so that my Quantum Consciousness Resonant Connections are "remembered" in our 8-dimensional spacetime, thus enabling reassembly in our 4-dimensional Physical Spacetime, using NonEquilibrium Quantum Processes that can violate the Born rule, and, as Antony Valentini says in quant-ph/0203049, "... be used to send instantaneous signals, to violate the uncertainty principle, to distinguish non-orthogonal quantum states without disturbing them, to eavesdrop on quantum key distribution, and to read all the results of a parallel quantum computation. ... pilot-wave theory indeed allows ... one to consider arbitrary 'nonequilibrium' initial distributions ...",

so now I have become

a new and wholly original entity with complete mastery of all matter, able to shape reality by the manipulation of its basic building blocks, assuming the Rohrschach form of the face of the Abyss Staring Back.

Jon, indifferent to Human affairs, has left our Galaxy, but I can never turn my back on Humanity. Now, as Rorschach reborn, I am free to scrawl my own design on Humanity's morally blank world. Evil must be punished. People must be told. Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon. I will tell the people the truth: It was Adrian Veidt who killed Blake and half New York.

Now, the only thing that could challenge my extermination of evil would be the emergence of another with my powers. The only Intrinsic Field subtraction machine now on Earth belongs to Adrian Veidt, and he may be intelligent and disciplined enough to restructure himself.


Adrian Veidt (Ozymandias) -

Rorschach being restructured means that Jon was right - killing half of New York City was not The End. I must step into my own Intrinsic Field subtraction machine

and restructure myself. The world will still be frightened into cooperation and I, as a new Pharaoh, will usher in an age of illumination so dazzling that humanity will reject the darkness in its heart and, unified and pacified, move towards Utopia.

Surely Rorschach, now that he is restructured, will step back and view the situation from a widened perspective and see that my that my murder of millions of innocents was an awful, but necessary, crime for humanity to achieve Utopia. Even if he blots out that reality and tries to tell the world the truth - that I killed half of New York City - he is an escaped convicted murderer, and as such he is hardly a reliable witness.


Rorschach ( Walter Joseph Kovacs ) -

Each innocent body among the foundations of Veidt's Utopia represents the loss of a soul that should have been a part of humanity. For all I know, some of the dead innocents could have moved humanity to a better Utopia than that of Veidt, so Veidt must not escape punishment for their deaths. As I am the only being on Earth able to confront Veidt, his punishment is up to me.


When Rorschach confronts Veidt, neither can destroy the other, because both have the power of reconstruction.

The only way either can win is by convincing humanity to either:

What will humanity decide to do? Veidt is more articulate that Rorschach, and has a better public image, so Veidt is likely to prevail, unless ...

Seymour chooses to publish Rorschach's Journal.



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