Shea Zellweger

Shea Zellweger, at Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio 44601 U.S.A., has developed a

Logic Alphabet Project

in which he describes Logic Shape values of what are normally regarded only as crystallographic number-coordinate configurations. I have found his work very useful and inspirational in my own work. For example, his 16-element Logic Alphabet ( in my view ) corresponds to the 16 spinor dimensions of the 16x16 = 256-dimensional Cl(1,7) real Clifford Algebra that is the basis of the fundamental logic/set/geometry structure of my D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 VoDou Physics Model. Much of whatever might be good in my work is related to his work ( of course, he should not be blamed for any errors in my work - my errors are mine alone ). I strongly recommend his work to anyone wanting to understand the connections among geometry, logic, thought, and consciousness.

As he wrote to me recently:

"... I [SZ] devised the Logic Alphabet way back in 1961-62. Mentally I [SZ] invented the Logical Garnet on my own and later saw a cryptic reference to it in Coxeter. But almost no one ever takes any notice of this Shape-Logic-Value (not place-number-value) notation. ...

... a few background remarks. I [SZ] spent about three dozen years of my academic life in front of psychology classes. ... the enclosed material is an outgrowth of a Hobby that has gone far beyond itself. ... without any formal training ... in math, logic, or philosophy ... I [SZ] have just been following my nose. I [SZ] ... end up with ... stuff that I [SZ] cannot find in standard textbooks. ...

... The challenge is a matter of trangenerational economy. There is no need for the next generation(s) to ... reinvent what has already been done. ...".

As one whose work is also "a Hobby that has gone far beyond itself", and as one who also would like for his work to be passed on to future generations ( both Shea Zellweger and I are over 60 years old, and may not have so many years left ourselves here on Earth ), I am deeply sympathetic with Shea Zellweger.

Therefore, I have put up a web page with gif images of some of his work. It is by no means all of his work, but I hope that it will be helpful to those who might be interested. If you find Shea Zellweger's work interesting, you can contact him by snail-mail at the Mount Union College address at the top of this page.

The text of the Shea Zellweger web page that I put up is only about 2 kb, but the page has 12 gif images, some of which are over 200 kb, so

if you load all the images at once you will have to wait for over 3 Mb ( yes, 3 MEGAb ) to load.


if you have a slow link, you might be well advised to load the page with IMAGES OFF,

and then load each image separately, study it, and then load the next image, until you have seen all 12.

Of course, if you are blessed with a fast link that loads 3 Mb in the blink of an eye, go ahead and load the whole page at once, images and all.