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My Macs in 2006

Now (September 2006) I still have a PowerBook 165c; a PowerBook 3400c; a Cube with a FlatPanel display; a CRT iMac; a clamshell iBook; a 12-inch rectangular iBook; an eMac; and a FlatPanel iMac whose screen has an aspect ratio of 1440 / 900 that is close to the Golden Ratio and whose hemisperical body has area 2 pi (in units in which its radius is unity). All of them run MacOS 9, except for the iBook, eMac, and iMac which also run MacOSX (with either Panther or Tiger, whose interfaces I like), and the PowerBook 165c which runs MacOS 7.1.

I also have a G5 iMac, a 17-inch PowerBook, some 12-inch G4 Powerbooks, and two dual G5 PowerMacs, all of which use MacOSX Tiger plus Classic OS9,


for portability, I have video iPods (60G) that not only carry movies and music, but also carry images (my web pages, Watchmen, etc) and backup for much of my web and computer hard drive material. I also have some photo iPods (40G) that (although they lack video) can record audio, and an older 40G iPod with neither photo nor video (but with audio recording ability).

Although I have experimented with 7-inch SONY VAIO PCG-U101 and an OQO, they use Windows XP and have hard drives that are  no more than 30G, so I have decided to stick with iPods and PowerPC Macs, since the 12-inch G4 Powerbooks (with 80G or 100G hard drives) are very portable and have big screens, and the iPods are truly pocket size.

As to future plans, I do NOT plan to buy Intel Macs because they don't support Classic OS9, which I use for many things. I do plan to get future iPods that may have larger screens and/or larger hard disk capacity.

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