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The format is a conversion to html from a 1992 Mac Mathematica Notebook, with some notation of some of the differences between my 1992 F4 model and my current model. However, all differences are not noted, so please bear in mind that there are some differences in detail ( For example, what I had calculated as the Higgs mass in 1992 I now calculate as the Higgs VEV. )

Some current comments I have added, I have enclosed in [ brackets ].

There are also a number of typographical problems, and, although I have corrected some of them, I have not yet corrected all the instances of various typo problems. Some (but by no means all) of them are:

and probably others not listed above were changed in the translation from Mathematica to html.

Mathematica sub-routine type programs have been omitted, so this html version does not allow the hands-on calculating that could be done in Mathematica.


It should be noted that in 1998, after reading quant-ph/9806009 by Guang-jiong Ni, I realized that I made some errors in my 1992 calculation of the Higgs Vacuum Expectation Value and the Higgs mass, and I now calculate the Higgs Vacuum Expectation Value as about 260 GeV and the Higgs mass as about 145 GeV. However, I don't think that the general geometric/structural ideas of 1992 were incorrect.


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